“I got nothin’ for you darlin’, but a story to tell…”

Clearly, I have a thing for Jersey boys. That’s why this is my favorite thing today.

The Cardinal Sessions is a groovy little concept out of Germany, shooting intimate takes of music performances with both up and coming and renowned artists. The quality of the videos they produce is breathtaking (see my all time favorite here).

Yesterday, they posted this session with The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon and Alex Rosamilia doing a stripped down, gorgeous version of “Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?” It is a radically different take on the howling, fast-paced, guitar-heavy original version. As much music as I consume, I’m still blown away that the same song can become an entirely different story when you change the tone.

Love on this.

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New Mighty Oaks Videos

That’s it. I am moving to Germany. To follow a band.

(Seriously, if I could, I would.)

The Cardinal Sessions released two new Mighty Oaks videos today. Just the guys in a field making music.

So pure. So perfect.

I am in love with these songs.

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The Sunday Funday Playlist – February 12, 2012

The past week has been an emotional roller coaster for me with my Mom undergoing some pretty serious surgery.  Lots of road miles, lots of listening to the ole iPod in the car…Here are some of the tunes that have been keeping me company.

1.  No Parachute – The Soldier Thread (click to hear a preview in iTunes)
It’s hard for me to pick just one song off of The Soldier Thread’s new EP to put on the Sunday Funday list because I really have been listening to it non-stop since it was released two weeks ago. This is the first track on the little 5-song, and I completely LOVE it.  Unfortunately, it’s not on SoundCloud, so you’ll have to live with the little iTunes preview.

2. Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye

I don’t often listen to the radio, but this week, on short jaunts to and from the office I’ve caught this tune on 106.5 The End a few times, and I completely dig it.  The dude’s voice reminds me a lot of Sting, which probably has a lot to do with it.

3.  Mercy – Counting Crows (Tender Mercies Cover)
There are a handful of musicians/bands that I live for…Counting Crows is one of them.  So when they announced this week that they’re officially releasing a new album (of covers) in April, I got pretty excited.  The first single, “Mercy,” just makes me so happy.  Another one that’s not on SoundCloud…but this one you can pick up for free (at least right now) over at the Counting Crows site.

4.  The Wandering (Acoustic) – Ryan Bingham (click to hear a preview in iTunes)
This one is only appropriate on an awards night.  Despite winning an Oscar for “The Weary Kind,” not enough people know this gorgeous man’s music.  Oh how I love scruffy men with raspy voices.  Ryan’s live performance this year at Amos’ (see Best of 2011 list) has made me a fan for life, so when he announced this week that an acoustic version of “The Wandering” off his album Junky Star, I immediately went and downloaded it.  His voice is just insane.

5.  Lost & Found – Eve 6 (click to hear a preview on iTunes)
I didn’t even know that 90s “heart-in-a-blender” rockers Eve6 had new music out until iTunes alerted me this week and you can bet your happy ass I went and downloaded their new song IMMEDIATELY.  Sometimes, a girl just needs a fun rock n’ roll song to boost her spirits. And this does the trick.  Love, love, love these guys.

Acoustic Gareth Goodness

We all know I adore him, so no need to torture you with a long post.

My good friend and fantabulous musician Gareth Asher made a stop by 106.5 The End when he was here in September. He and another favorite, Michael Tolcher, performed a bunch of acoustic songs. The good folks at 106.5 decided to record and share them. Since I left town that morning to go home because my Mom was very ill, seeing these videos makes me way happy. You can check out the whole series of five songs, but I thought I’d post my favorite of them here – a new song called “Holy Train.”

All I have to say is, “Wow.”

Thanks 106.5!

Gareth Asher: Website | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace
Michael Tolcher: Website | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace