From little acorns grow: Mighty Oaks release mini-documentary

In February, Mighty Oaks, an acoustic folk rock trio out of Berlin that I’ve written about here often, released their album Howl in Europe. Luckily, I have music friends across the pond who procured a digital copy for me. I have literally not stopped playing it for the last three + months. The music is pure, beautiful in its simplicity – songs of friendship, love, loss, grief, and embracing life. Listening to the record feels like looking through a well-loved photo album, and it puts me at peace. I am utterly smitten with it.

Although lead singer Ian Hooper is American, the band is based in Berlin, and is multi-national:  guitar/mandolin/everything player Claudio Donzelli is Italian, and bassist Craig Saunders is British.  Hooper moved to Germany after finishing college, and until March, had never played as a band in his home country.  But, interest from labels brought them to the States earlier this spring, and saw them play in Los Angeles, at SXSW, and in New York City.  While on their trek, they were accompanied by a friend who shot a mini-documentary on their journey.  The band released “A Place That I Know” in three five-minute segments over the last few weeks.  I’m not sure how anyone could watch this and not be cheering for these guys to make it… The way they talk about the music they make together, the obvious admiration and love they have for each other, and their smiles and laughter are enough to win my heart over (and the toast to Ian’s mom in part 3 makes me tear up every time; his mom passed away in 2012 and several of the band’s songs reference her or tell her story).

So…here, in all three parts… ” A Place That I Know.”  Good luck with not falling in love with them!

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New Mighty Oaks Videos

That’s it. I am moving to Germany. To follow a band.

(Seriously, if I could, I would.)

The Cardinal Sessions released two new Mighty Oaks videos today. Just the guys in a field making music.

So pure. So perfect.

I am in love with these songs.

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A Mighty Tune from Mighty Oaks

Oh, Mighty Oaks.  In anticipation of their new release out on July 5th, my favorite little Germany-based folk band has released a video for the title track off the Just One Day EP.

If summer had a theme song, this would be it. 

Everything about “Just One Day” – the lyrics, the message, the harmonies, the instrumentation, the massive bridge at 2:10, the video – screams go with the flow, carpe diem, live life now.

It is a perfect song.  And like all perfect songs, it has power. This one is filled with the promise of those care-free days, the magic of possibility and things yet to be.  It makes me long for days in the sun on a beach, roadtrips with my best friends, and the butterflies of summer flings.  It makes me smile.  It makes me want to do something epic.  But more importantly, it makes me believe I can do something epic – and some days, when you’re trapped behind your desk and wondering if it’s all worth it, that belief is everything.

Yes, one song can do all that.  See for yourself.

You can pre-order the Just One Day EP for less than your daily Starbucks.  Seems appropriate that it is being released the day after the biggest summer holiday of them all.

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