Something New: Caleb Lovely

One of my favorite things is finding new musicians to love.  I’m always hunting down new ways to find new music to listen to… It’s actually a bit of an obsession. My friends know this about me, and as those on the “Krissie Mix” list know, I try to spread the word about some of my new loves.  But, the mixes don’t go to everyone and aren’t as immediate. So, I thought I’d start a regular little piece called “Something New” here on the old blog, a way for me to give these artists the attention they deserve and keep me writing!

So, the first of the Something New posts will be about one of my favorite little discoveries in the past few months – a young chap named Caleb Lovely (seriously, how can you not love him with that name) from Pennsylvania.  I have just tripped head over heels for the innocence and simplicity in his songs.  I absolutely cannot wait to watch him develop! He recently released his first studio-recorded EP, which you can pick up on iTunes.

Here are a few YouTube videos – the first is the video that turned me onto him (and Krissie Mix-ers will recognize it from the Winter Mix), the second is a brand new song/video that he just put up this weekend.

More Caleb:  TwitterFacebook | MySpace

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