New Tim Hanauer EP Sneak Peek

Colorado cranks out some amazing musicians … The Fray is probably the biggest name to come out of the Centennial State that most people would be familiar with, but my playlist is chock full of Colorado musicians.  The Heyday, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Air Dubai, and really, do I need to profess my love any more for Christopher Jak?

Well, that list also includes singer-songwriter Tim Hanauer, whose last full-length album, Time for Change was a well-worn out record for me in 2009.  If you don’t know his work, you may actually have heard it and just not be aware of it: his music has been featured on musical breakout show “One Tree Hill.”

Tim’s got a new EP coming out on February 1st called Wind-Up Toy.  As of today, you can preview this dreamy new piece of work over at his website.  And, if you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll get a free download of the first single, “This Is.”

I give it two thumbs up.  Can’t wait for this EP!

(2/1/10 edit – Pick up Wind-Up Toy here! It’s so deliciously fabulous…Worth adoration.)

More Tim:  Website | Facebook | MySpace | iTunes

2 thoughts on “New Tim Hanauer EP Sneak Peek

    • Always happy to put the word out about great music! And you should thank Jak…he’s the reason I checked you out a few years ago…any music recs from that man are like gospel for me!

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