Free Music: The Soldier Thread’s “Matador”

Free music from The Soldier Thread. Get it now.

To say I love Austin, Texas is probably a bit of an understatement.  The city is like Mecca for me.

Austin music seems to have a huge pull on me; anyone who knows me knows that Alpha Rev is in my top ten, if not my top 5, artists of all time.  Because of them, I’ve been introduced to DOZENS of other great bands…one of them being The Soldier Thread.

While I don’t typically go gaga over bands with female leads, The Soldier Thread is an exception.  Patricia Lynn’s voice is just hauntingly beautiful (she also has the cutest haircut ever, and I’m so super jealous of it).  I love it.  And the band has this ability to go from stunning balladesque songs to full on rockers.  I could listen to their Shapes album all flipping day…In Spades, their latest, is also marvelous – I recommend downloading the song “Erin” immediately if you want to have your world changed.

If you want to get a taste of what these Texas troubadours are all about, visit their Facebook page and download their new single “Matador” for free. If you’re not dancing around your living room, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Then come check them out at The Fillmore this Wednesday, opening up for Blue October.  I can’t wait!

More The Soldier Thread:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | iTunes

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