Want to know why your concert tickets cost a fortune?

Read this article about Katy Perry’s concert rider.  Then try to tell me that you aren’t paying for this ridiculousness in your concert ticket prices.

Oh, and note that she is making a profit selling tickets to second party brokers, who sell them at exorbitantly increased prices.

Katy Perry is not the only artist engaged in this sort of outrageous-ness.  But it’s a perfect example of what’s broken with the music industry.

Support independent artists, attend shows at independent venues, ones that don’t charge you 30 and 40% service charges – because your service fees, whether directly or indirectly, are paying for Katy Perry’s dressing room to be draped in pink.  Back the musicians who are in it for the love of music, not the love of fame.

UPDATE:  More than 24 hours after her rider hit The Smoking Gun, there’s been no response from Perry’s camp.  Her PR team must suck as badly as her proofreaders.

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