Charlotte Tour Stop for The Well Reds!

Very excited to tell you all that about-to-break Atlanta artist Jeremy Ezell and The Well Reds are making a pit stop in Charlotte on Thursday, August 25th at my new 3rd favorite spot in town, Crown Station Pub. If you like serious piano and huge vocals with your rock n’ roll, this is a band that you simply must hear – and hearing it now in this micro-sized venue will be cooler than cool when these guys hit it big.

I first blogged about these guys back in March, and I gotta tell you, their EP has gotten heavy play over the past four months. Balcony TV Atlanta recently had two of the guys on to perform a little acoustic number, and it’s something magical when you can watch an artist perform and have the vocals sound as big and clean live as they do in recording. And the HARMONIES…so smooth! Talented little bunch, these Well Reds.

Check out this little promo video of their single, “Violet” (my favorite part, it should be no surprise, is the break that starts at 1:48 – CLAPPING!) then come on out to Crown Station in two weeks to catch ’em live!

P.S.  There’s a bunch of other videos on their YouTube page, so I highly recommend making a visit to see some of their acoustic stuff, too!

More of The Well Reds: Website | Facebook | Twitter | iTunes | YouTube

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