Something New: The Well Reds

There are a handful of people who when they say, “Go listen to this band,” I jump.  One of those people is Dru, who I got to know half a decade ago when I was doing PR for Josh Queen (of The Jealous Kind) and Dru was working with  The other day, he sent me a text and said, “What do you think of The Well Reds?”


I’d never heard of them.  So I investigated.  Piano-driven rock outfit out of Atlanta, fronted by former solo artist Jeremy Ezell.  Listened to their EP, Violet, on ReverbNation.  DUG what I was hearing.   Great melodies.  Soaring vocals.  Pounding piano keys. Queen meets Crash Kings.  So I downloaded the EP and I cannot stop listening to it.  My favorite track is “Rebel Lovers” – which was nicely posted on YouTube for me to share with you all.

Gotta rework the Spring Mix to fit these fellas in.

Check ’em out for yourself.

More The Well Reds:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | iTunes

4 thoughts on “Something New: The Well Reds

    • Torin – Thanks for stopping by and for the link! I’ll add/replace it above. Completely in love with the EP! Make sure ya’ll don’t leave Charlotte out of your touring schedule! – Krissie

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