Sunday Funday: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights Hit Charlotte on 3/20

Like Joan Jett, I too love rock n’ roll.

That’s why Amos’ Southend is the only place for me to be on Sunday night when Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights roll through town.  If you think rock n’ roll is dead, you haven’t seen these guys (and a gal!). These blues-based rockers from Texas are one hot ticket…They will leave the stage smokin’ in their wake. They just got done touring with my faves, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals…I would have killed to see them on stage together!

And seriously, it’s impossible not to love a band that rhymes “Kemosabe” with “hot sake.”  Just impossible.

The best part?  The show is only $7.  Are you kidding me?  That’s what you pay for a tub of organic spring mix at the grocery store.  Forgo your veggies this week and go for the rock n’ roll.

$7.  Doors at 8.  Amos’ Southend.  Be there…or miss a damn good show.

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