The Perfect Spring Album

Red Wanting Blue - These Magnificent Miles

A feel-good record you simply must own

Sometimes, I can be really, really on the late train catching onto bands.

Such is the case with Red Wanting Blue.  They’ve been around for a decade.  They’ve got six albums.  HUNDREDS of fans. And I just caught on last month. *sigh*

Saw this fantastic rock band from Ohio opening for my loves Honor By August at Iota in DC in February.  And it was one of those things where Erinn and I just looked at each other after about two songs and at the same time said, “Wow.” Amazing stage energy, catchy songs with really tight arrangements, and an absolutely killer lead vocal that left me going, “Who does he sound like?”  (I finally determined that Jason Ross from Seven Mary Three is probably the closest…but there’s definitely some Brett Scallions from Fuel comparison to be made).  I completely loved their performance – proof that a fantastic live show can make one an instant fan!

I downloaded a handful of songs from their most recent album, These Magnificent Miles, immediately upon returning to Charlotte.  And played them incessantly.  I am completely in love with their honest lyrics and delivery. So the rest of the album followed, and it’s on repeat everywhere right now with me. It’s just the perfect record for spring and summer, warming temperatures, and good times with friends.

Have no doubts that as my budget allows, I’ll download Red Wanting Blue’s other five records.  But for now, I’m going to put some miles on These Magnificent Miles.  You should check it out.

More Red Wanting Blue:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | iTunes

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