Balcony TV

I am always looking for new music. I find it everywhere – my friends’ recommendations, opening bands, commercials, TV shows, iTunes,, Pandora.  Lately, my new favorite place to find new tunes has been a YouTube Channel that I stumbled across a few months ago – BalconyTV.

This freakin’ channel is insane.  It’s basically a bunch of live, mostly acoustic music videos filmed on balconies around the world – New York, Dublin, Toronto, Edmonton, Austin, London, Hamburg, Paris, Auckland, Nashville and a billion other places.  I cannot stop watching it.  They upload four or five videos a day, and there’s SO MUCH good music.  So many of these acts are so new they don’t even have records available for purchase yet! Some of the acts sing in other languages, and sometimes they’re just visiting the country in which they are playing and it’s a mad little game of the announcer speaking a language I can’t understand, and then the band singing in English.  My favorites that I’ve found there so far have been Jay Sparrow and Matt Landry and the Dryland Band.  And just today, I’ve heard the band that  could be my newest love…Mighty Oaks (video below, harmonies are RIDICULOUS!).

I don’t know who Stephen O’Regan is to BalconyTV, but his name is on the YouTube Channel.  If he’s the genius that thought up this idea, my little musical heart thanks him a million times over.  And hey, if you ever want to start a Charlotte, North Carolina BalconyTV, I’ll be happy to help out!

If you’re a music lover, you’ve got to check out BalconyTV.  I hope you become as addicted as I am.

3 thoughts on “Balcony TV

  1. Hello, jrzygyrl! As one of the co-founders of BalconyTV Austin, I want to tell you thanks for the great write up on the Balcony TV collective.

    Thanks also for pointing out Mighty Oaks in Germany — we often don’t get to view all the videos that are posted so it’s great to get the word on some of the more outstanding ones.

    Do you have a facebook page? If so, we’d like to connect with you there and let people know about your site.

    I’ve got good friends in the Durham, NC area and would love to see a BTV spring up somewhere in that neck of the woods, too!

    Lucy in Austin

    • Lucy – thanks for the nice words! Was just watching some Balcony TV Austin today! Austin is my favorite city on earth!!! I am indeed on Facebook – just search Would love to help you out where I can! – Krissie

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