Krissie Recommends: Mighty Oaks EP

Mighty Oaks EP

Beautiful folk music from Germany (sung in English)

As mentioned in the Balcony TV post last week, I fell in love with the lilting sounds of Mighty Oaks, a band from Berlin, Germany with roots in the U.S., while surfing my newest favorite YouTube channel.

The timing was fortuitous, as just this weekend, the band released their first EP on Bandcamp.  It is lovely in its simplicity.  A delicate, folky medley of strings (guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin – or maybe cello?), light percussion, gorgeous harmonies and vocals, and terrific writing (with some humor – “You were beautiful despite your big old ears”).  And for only 4 Euros ($5.67 U.S. dollars), this little gem can be yours.  And don’t worry, PayPal does the conversion automatically.

Wish I knew more about the band to tell you, but information is scarce on their websites.  I can tell you that the lead singer, Ian Hooper, is from the Pacific Northwest, and that the strings guru is Claudio Donzelli – but I don’t know the percussionist’s name.  But, I don’t need information to know that this trio is amazingly talented.

I am in love. I have seriously played it 20 times this weekend, if not more.  I will give you a money back guarantee on this one.  If you don’t love it, I’ll buy you a beer at The Gin Mill.

More Mighty Oaks:  Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp


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