New Mighty Oaks single … and a U.S. Tour

Jumping on REAL quick to fire off a post before I rush out the door to Will Hoge’s show tonight for my rock n’ roll fix.

Woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise. The lads in Mighty Oaks have released a new single, “All Things Go,” and it is all the marvelous that I’ve come to expect from this band, with a touch of fall-broodiness tossed in.

Singer and lead lyricist for the band, Ian Hooper, has always been an extremely personal writer, and this new track doesn’t stray from that. I think that may be why I love this band’s music so very much…it’s just genuine and pure.

Even MORE exciting, their announcement included a tease of a U.S. tour in 2020. I’m unbelievably amped about that prospect. This is a band that I’ve traveled to Chicago and Indianapolis to see because that’s the closest they’ve come to me in N.C. So please, keep your fingers crossed that they make a jaunt through the Southeast so that I can have a mini tour seeing one of my favorite bands.

Happy Friday, you guys. Add this one to your weekend soundtrack, for sure.


Love what you hear? I get it. The first time I heard this band in 2011, I fell in love hardWatch this video of them performing their song “The Great Northwest” on Cardinal Sessions from a few years back that will blow your mind at how perfect it is.

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