“What’s your show count?”

I cannot believe that we’re only a handful of weeks away from 2020. This year has gone by so quickly – at least until the last few weeks.

I more shows, concerts, musical events – whatever you want to call them – than most people. I can’t say I go to “a lot” because I know people who go to way more than I do. It’s all relative, I guess.

Noah Gundersen
Noah Gundersen at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. October 25, 2019.

But the number of shows I’ve been to in recent weeks had slowed to a trickle. And the rest of the year isn’t looking extremely active. Not that there aren’t shows I can go to. There are plenty. It’s just that my specific concert calendar is a bit sparse at the moment. It happens, but it’s always painful when it does. I just had a TWO-WEEK stretch of no shows. For someone who typically averages 2 – 3 a week, nothing for two weeks feels like a piece of me is dying inside.

‘Round about this time of year, I always start getting lots of questions. “What’s your show count?”

This year, I’m sad to report, the number is LOW. 75 so far.

And I MIGHT get to 80 before the end of the year. Might.

I know, I know. Not really a problem of epic proportions – I’m lucky that I have the resources to do something I love as often as I do. It’s just after hitting 86 in 2018 and 119 in 2017, 80 feels glacial.

Lest I sound full of complaininess – there were some EPIC events this year, and some still to come. Like seeing Matt McCloskey live for the first time in Austin. And the upcoming Quiet Hounds show at The Evening Muse. Music in 6 states, plus a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Josh Matt Krissie

Favorite musical moments of 2019, Take 1: 2019 included a pit stop in Austin to see one of my favorite all-time songwriters, Matt McCloskey (middle). Thanks to my buddy Josh (left) for insisting that we take this picture.

I’m going to need to step it up in 2020, gang. Keep me honest.

Let me know your show count in the comments!

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