A Little Tuesday Beauty: Mighty Oaks

Last year, I wrote about a Berlin, Germany-band I discovered on BalconyTV called Mighty Oaks.  With lilting acoustic guitar, crystalline vocals and gorgeous harmonies, this international band is comprised of an American, an Italian, a Brit and a German.  If you believe in fate or destiny, it’s impossible to deny that Ian Hooper, the ex-pat on vocals, and Claudio Donzelli, the Italian who seems to be the master of all strings, were meant to play music together – together, they are the heart of this marvelous little quartet.

The band recently began recording new songs for an album that will be released later this year.  They filmed a series of videos for the tunes at stunningly beautiful sites in the Italian countryside, and they’ve been sharing them online for the past two weeks.  Combine the lovely surroundings with the simple, artfully crafted music and you have a recipe for magic.

Don’t believe in magic?  You will after you watch this video for a song called “The Pacific Northwest.”

If you dig what The Mighty Oaks are doing, check out the latest video they’ve posted, “Picture.”  Need more? Watch for more news about their new album on their Facebook page or pick up a copy of their first EP over at their Soundcloud Player on their website.

More Mighty Oaks:  Web | Facebook | Twitter

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