Download Now: Jonah Smith, Little Known Cure (Pre-Order)

Little Known Cure, Jonah Smith

A blues explosion from Jonah Smith with gorgeous songwriting and tremendous instrumentation.

If you’re into the blues, you need to drop what you’re doing right now and check out New Yorker Jonah Smith’s new album, Little Known Cure.  If the three tracks you get as part of the pre-order deal are any sort of preview of what the full album holds, it’s easily going to be in a hot contest for my Top 10 of the year.

Jonah’s no stranger to the music biz, having been out and playing professionally for a dozen years or so. He remains criminally unheard in my opinion, despite work with Relix Records and playing a slot at Bonnaroo in 2007.

I first stumbled on Jonah’s music in 2009 – randomly on iTunes, if I remember correctly – and wore out his Lights On album, which was released in 2008.  Found the music just in time for him to go into relative solo silence for a few years. Last year he emerged with a little side project called The Statesman with musicians that he has regularly played with over the years – Josh Dion, Scott Metzger and Ben Rubin (pick up that whole album for free here).

Now, finally, Jonah is back with this new record, and with the opening track of the pre-order, you know right away what you’re getting.  “Blues Sideways” says it all.  These three tracks dive deep with bluesy guitar, sexy percussion, and Jonah’s gorgeous smoky vocal. Try the back-alley, ominous soul of “Buzzing Flies.”  It’ll knock your socks off. By the time you get to the piano-rich stunner “I Came Here to Love You,” YOU will be in love with Jonah Smith.

Little Known Cure is out August 18th on digital outlets worldwide.  The pre-order includes physical CD option, as well.  $9 for digital only, or $13 for the physical CD and digital copy.

More Jonah Smith:  Web | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

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