The Sunday Funday Playlist – September 18, 2011

Sorry this is late going up.  Seattle got the best of me.  Might be a day (or two) late, but I guarantee you…it’s not a dollar short!  Some great stuff this week! 🙂

1.  The Young Sons – Saints of Valory
Is this really a surprise that a new song from the boys is on my Sunday Funday playlist?  I think not.  Unfortunately, the boys haven’t loaded it to SoundCloud yet, so you’ll have to go over to PureVolume to download it for free.

2.  Tattoo Girl – The Hundred Days
Shelia Taylor is actually a rock n’ roll goddess.  She turned me onto this little San Francisco band a few months ago, and gave me their CD, Really?, last week.  Not gonna lie, it took me a couple of days to get past track 2 – this song – because it’s so phenomenally catchy and make-you-want-to-dance-in-your-office-chair-fix-a-bad-day awesome.  This live from SXSW version is the only one I can find online…but it should give you a good idea of how infectious it is!

3.  Ben Rector – Song for the Suburbs

The Nashville contingent, as I like to call them, is cranking out tunes faster than I can buy them these days.  Barnes, Wertz, Moakler, and the whole Ten out of Tenn crew…. and then there’s this kid.  I will make room in my wallet for Ben Rector any day.  His new album, Something Like This, came out this week.  This track (strangely, also #2) had me at hello.  Insightful and gorgeous.

4.  If My Heart Could Speak – Morrison Boomer

I saw these kids play at Pike Place Market in Seattle.  They were out busking like a million other musicians there…they were playing in a stairwell and the sound carried up.  I heard them before I saw them and dragged my Mom over to a balcony to watch them play for a few minutes.  We went on our merry little way, but I couldn’t get their sound out of my head – fresh, pure and absolutely GORGEOUS harmonies.  So we went back to find them and alas…they were gone.  I was so bummed, but at least I’d remembered their name.  Just as I was thinking, “Well, I’ll google them,” there they were!  They’d moved and were playing in a different space.  So I bought a few CDs and left Seattle happy that I’d found a new band to love.  This is a track off their little album Down the Hatch, which after two listens through on the plane, I may just be in love with.  Go check them out:  If you dig what you hear, you can pick up their record on iTunes.

5.  Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) – Matthew Mayfield

Seriously, how could you not love this man’s voice?  One listen to this…and you’ll know that this song was made for him to sing.

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