Get Your Kicks…For Free!

Kick off your day right with The Kicks & a free download!

Nashville’s hot little Southern rockers (and Krissie Mix alumni), The Kicks, have a new song up for free download over at Brite Revolution.  If you like your rock with endless guitar riffs and the occasional 80s-rock reminiscent caterwaul, this song is a must have for you!

Pick up “Starchaser” here.

Fresh off a tour with Los Lonely Boys, these guys, who originally hail from Atlanta, are definitely picking up steam.  One of their songs was recently featured on “Pretty Little Liars,” so look out…the little girls will be digging on them sooner than later.  And you know what Samantha from Sex in the City said about success in showbiz … “First, the girls…”

And, if you REALLY dig what you’re hearing, head over to their website and pick up the “Pretty Little Thing” single for free, too – all ya gotta do is give ’em your e-mail address.

Here’s a video of them performing “Starchaser” acoustic – look at those faces, how could you not love ’em?

More of The Kicks:  Web | Facebook | Twitter | iTunes

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