The Sunday Funday Playlist – September 25, 2011

Man, rough week.  Coming back from two days off of work sounds like it would be easy, but the work week beat me up this week.  Hoping that the coming week will be better.  Least I’ve got some fresh new tunes to get me through it.   Maybe they’ll power you through this week!

1. Call Up Dad – Damon Smith & The Quality Lightweights
Frickin’ A, Australia.  Can you please stop putting out so much great music?  Balcony TV strikes again; described by the hostess as a “local band,” I was intrigued by their look and OH.MY.GOD.  Instant love. This is alt-country at it’s absolute finest. I’m entranced. Kinda remind me a little of Jakob Dylan…if Jakob went really, really dark.  Their album, I Thought I’d Be Someone By Now, is a little pricey by U.S. standards – $16 – but you can pick up a few choice tracks individually at their Bandcamp page.

2. Reaction – Acres of Lions

Gotta thank my Twitter music buddy RingosMyUncle for cluing me in to this great little rock band from north o’ the border in British Columbia.  This catchy little ditty, complete with whoa-ohs, pops and snaps, is enough to keep me dancing around the room even during a gloomy rainy day like it was on Friday. I’ve only downloaded a handful of their other songs, but I promise you, when my budget allows, I’m going back and picking up their whole Collections album that came out two weeks ago.

3. The Reckoning – Needtobreathe

If you’re not on the Needtobreathe boat yet…well, I just don’t know what to say to ya.  The boys from Possum Kingdom released their new record, The Reckoning, this week and it is just chock full of rock n’ roll goodness.  While “Devil’s Been Talkin'” is probably my favorite track on the album, the title track was probably the biggest surprise for me.  Diggin’ on it big time.  Pick up the new album here.

4. Big Bright Sun – Will Dailey & The Rivals

Appropriate for the first week of fall, I think, to put a song with “Sun” in the title on The Sunday Funday Playlist, no?  One of Boston’s favorite sons, Will Dailey & The Rivals released their new record this week, as well.  Will is one of those songwriters of whom I can never get enough.  He’s a very smart lyricist and he writes the catchiest songs. This song is tied for my favorite track off the new record – there’s clapping, does it really surprise anyone?  It’s a great song about reminding yourself of how great you can be when you believe in yourself…and I kinda need those positive thoughts in my world right now. “Kindness” is my other favorite.  Pick it up on Amazon or iTunes.

5.  Fly Me to the Moon – Grace Potter
The classic song “Fly Me to the Moon” has been recorded by so many amazing artists it’s kind of ridiculous.  Originally written in 1954 by Bart Howard, it’s been sung by classic crooners like Neil Sedaka, Dinah Washington, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Mel Tormé, and Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra (who, in my opinion, has the bestest version).  Well, step aside gang. My girl-crush Grace Potter has covered the song for new Pan Am TV show.  Are you kidding me??? My girl makes this song even better!  OH MY!  Pick it up on iTunes and watch the Pan Am promo here!

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