New Stereophonics: Violins & Tambourines

Earlier this week, news came out that my fave Welsh band, The Stereophonics, would be releasing their new album in early 2013 (not sure what this means for a stateside release). This in itself is cause for Krissie-celebration.  But it gets better…..

Along with the announcement of the forthcoming new album, they rolled out a video/mini-movie for the first single, “Violins and Tambourines.”  IT IS SO GOOD. I’m not much for videos – I think the music should be able to stand on its own.  However, with the ‘Phonics, the video only serves to augment the story.  Lead singer Kelly Jones, who directed this dark little mini-movie, has a knack for observing the people around him and capturing the little details, eccentricities and monotony of everyday life in his lyrics.  “Violins and Tambourines” is no different – except now, there’s a face that goes along with Jones’ story.  The tune is filled with undulating guitars, strings and a crescendo of percussion that catches you up in the seedy underworld constructed by the lyrics and Jones’ ever-brooding vocals.


The song and video have definitely whet my appetite for some new ‘Phonics…now I just have to hope that a U.S. release date doesn’t take until 2014!

More Stereophonics:  Web | Facebook | Twitter

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