Chase Away the Mondays with a New Honor By August Video

Six years ago, Alternative Addiction asked me to write a review for an album by a DC band I’d never heard of before.  Enter into my life Honor By August.  In the six years since then, I’ve come to love this band and their music.  I am lucky to call them friends, and so happy to be a contributor to the Kickstarter campaign to fund their new album, Monuments to Progress.

Today, they released a video for their song, “Somebody Real,” the first single off that new, yet-to-be released album.  It is one of my favorites of the new songs, and is a testament to the boys’ hard work for this record.  Since that very first live show I saw in 2006, I knew that this band was something special, and this video gets me so excited for what is to come for them.  I am so proud to be an Honor By August fan today.

Congrats Brian, Evan, Michael and Chris … Ya’ll deserve all the great things that I know are coming your way!

Ladies and gentlemen, “Somebody Real” by Honor By August.

More Honor By August:  Web | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Kickstarter

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