Honor By August Signs With Rock Ridge

My favorite DC rockers, Honor By August, are now Rock Ridge boys!

My favorite DC rockers, Honor By August, are now Rock Ridge boys!

Man, what a big couple of weeks for bands that have slept on Krissie’s floor!

My fave DC-area rockers, Honor By August, have announced that they have signed with Rock Ridge Music as a label AND for management.  Completely thrilled for these guys and hope this helps them get their new yet-to-be-released album, Monuments to Progress, the attention it deserves (those of us who contributed to their recent successful Kickstarter campaign have had a sneak preview).

Rock Ridge is bringing down the house this year, especially after their artist Tony Lucca made big waves on The Voice last season.  The label is known for its personal attention to bands, so I know they are going to help cultivate HBA’s success!

Congrats Brian, Evan, Michael and Chris! Awesome to see the good guys – and good music – winning!

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Chase Away the Mondays with a New Honor By August Video

Six years ago, Alternative Addiction asked me to write a review for an album by a DC band I’d never heard of before.  Enter into my life Honor By August.  In the six years since then, I’ve come to love this band and their music.  I am lucky to call them friends, and so happy to be a contributor to the Kickstarter campaign to fund their new album, Monuments to Progress.

Today, they released a video for their song, “Somebody Real,” the first single off that new, yet-to-be released album.  It is one of my favorites of the new songs, and is a testament to the boys’ hard work for this record.  Since that very first live show I saw in 2006, I knew that this band was something special, and this video gets me so excited for what is to come for them.  I am so proud to be an Honor By August fan today.

Congrats Brian, Evan, Michael and Chris … Ya’ll deserve all the great things that I know are coming your way!

Ladies and gentlemen, “Somebody Real” by Honor By August.

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