Marcus Foster Coming to Charlotte

Oh, British soul.

I do have an affinity for the British.  Really.  Especially ones that sing and play guitar.  And have insanely buttery, soul-filled voices that make you feel like you should be lingering over whiskey in a dark corner of a dark bar with a smoking hot man at your side.

And us lucky American gals, an amazing fella of just this sort is heading our way.  Marcus Foster released his spring US tour dates today and there is a really nice concentration of shows in the Southeast.  I nearly whooped with joy when I saw a Charlotte date on the list.  April 2nd at Tremont Music Hall.  Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but … plan to scoop them up as soon as they do.

Get ready to melt when this man sings, ladies. Here’s him doing a John Martyn song. Hot.

More Marcus Foster: Web | Facebook | Twitter

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