Treason Is the Reason for A Debut Video from Flagship Romance

Guy-gal duos are all the rage these days.  But one listen to Flagship Romance, the latest addition to this popular pairing, and you’ll know that they are a little different from the rest.

Jordyn Jackson and Shawn Fisher are both fairly successful musicians in their own right.  One a solo artist with jazzy influences, the other the lead singer of up and coming pop-rock band Son of a Bad Man, the couple started dating two years ago and their chemistry extended beyond romance.  Put them on stage or in a studio together, and they make some of the most genuine, true-to-life songs you’re going to hear.  Maybe it is that actually being in love thing that makes the music so believable…. but whatever it is, it works.

Today, the power couple released their first video for their song “Treason,” which will be on their debut EP, The Fudge Sessions, being released in January.  Check it out!

More Flagship Romance:  Web | Facebook | Twitter

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