A Haunting New Video from Flagship

My favorite Charlotte band, Flagship, dropped a new music video today.  It’s definitely a little creepy – figuratively and literally dark – but damn, it’s good. Drake’s voice is, as always, huge.  I just love it. And the drums on this track are bad ass.  I expect we’ll be hearing big things from these kids.

Supposedly, Flagship is dropping a new album this spring on indie label Bright Antenna, which is also home to Middle Class Rut and The Wombats, and the former home of another vocal superstar, Jimmy Gnecco from Ours.  Keep your ears to the ground for more news on a new release from the Flagship fellas.  Until then, go pick up their Blackbush EP from last spring – it will do well for tiding you over.

More Flagship:  Facebook | Twitter | Buy Flagship’s Blackbush EP on iTunes

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