2022. Time for a change.

Hi friends.

Yup, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written anything here. I think about it … often. I probably have a dozen half-written, orphaned blogs sitting in draft. But like a lot of us, I’m suffering from a serious case of pandemic burn-out, malaise, and general blah.

Blog posts aren’t the only things that have suffered. I haven’t put out any mixes, either. Which I’m sure a handful of you have noticed.

From my best recollection, I’ve been making the Krissie Mix in some way, shape, or form since 2004. I’ve put them out mostly quarterly … Close to 1500 songs shared. For every one, I’ve written crazy “liner notes” to offer up information on the artists or stories about how I found the songs or why I love them. Back in the day, when I burned copies, I mailed them to dozens of people around the country, some of whom I didn’t even know who had just heard about the Mix through friends of friends. Sharing music with friends (and new friends) is something that I love doing.

Once I moved everything to Spotify, it should have gotten easier, but it just made it easier to find lots of new music. And the quarterly mixes started to get super-sized. 50 – 60 songs. But not everyone that listened was on Spotify, so started creating a Spotify and Apple Music version. Writing the liner notes took hours.

Besides, streaming has made it easy for people to discover new music on their own. And I love that! But I started to feel like there wasn’t a reason for me to make them anymore.

So last year…I just stopped.

Then I ran into Samantha and Wes last fall. Friends of a friend, I’ve known them for almost as long as I’ve been making the mix. Fifteen years ago, I would see them often when we were all running around seeing our mutual friend play 4 and 5 times a month. But I’d be lying if I said we were anything more than Facebook friends these days. So when I ran into them at a show in another city, it was a surprise that they even remembered me. As we stood talking and caught up, Wes said something to me about listening to my mixes. It genuinely surprised me.

And re-inspired me.

But, I needed to rethink how I was doing it. So … I’m trying something new in 2022. Monthly mixes. Smaller in size. No liner notes. Not obsessing over the order of the songs (because some people listen on shuffle, anyway… Warmack, I’m looking at you). Just music for the sake of sharing it.

Maybe you’ll find something new to love. Maybe you know all the songs already. No matter what, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Happy January and happy 2022 (I can still officially say that in January, right?).

Listen on Spotify below. Or Apple Music here.

Flagship’s “Break the Sky” Lyric Video

The first time I ever heard Flagship, I knew in my gut they were going places.  Drake Margolnick’s voice is intoxicating and what stole my heart initially, but I have fallen in love with the way this band vacillates between starkness and richly layered epics that will keep your head swirling.

Three years, some solo stuff from Drake, a few lineup changes, and a bunch of new songs later, my gut is about to be proven right.  My favorite Charlotte-based band drops their debut, self-titled album on October 8 on Bright Antenna.  The fellas have been previewing a bunch of songs on their YouTube channel, and all I have to day is day-um. Mark my words, folks:  this band is going to blow up in a big way.

Today, American Songwriter premiered their lyric video for “Break the Sky,” the first single that you can get if you pre-order the album on iTunes. It’s an older song that the band’s been doing for awhile, but they stepped it up for the record.  And the video is pretty darn cool.  Check it out.  Then go study up on Flagship before the whole world is talking about them.

More Flagship:  Web | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Blackbush EP on iTunes |Download Are You Calling for free

A Haunting New Video from Flagship

My favorite Charlotte band, Flagship, dropped a new music video today.  It’s definitely a little creepy – figuratively and literally dark – but damn, it’s good. Drake’s voice is, as always, huge.  I just love it. And the drums on this track are bad ass.  I expect we’ll be hearing big things from these kids.

Supposedly, Flagship is dropping a new album this spring on indie label Bright Antenna, which is also home to Middle Class Rut and The Wombats, and the former home of another vocal superstar, Jimmy Gnecco from Ours.  Keep your ears to the ground for more news on a new release from the Flagship fellas.  Until then, go pick up their Blackbush EP from last spring – it will do well for tiding you over.

More Flagship:  Facebook | Twitter | Buy Flagship’s Blackbush EP on iTunes