Sofar Sounds and The Rouge

Earlier this week, fellow music lover and Twitter junkie Mike told me about Sofar Sounds after attending an event this weekend in Atlanta.  Taking house concerts to a new level, this concept is so freaking cool.  Get music lovers to sign up / host house concerts of up and coming bands in their city.  Make it invite only.  Keep it secret who is playing until the guests arrive.

I want in.

I immediately go to their website to check it out…and it’s started up in about 2 dozen cities around the world, but of course, nothing in Charlotte.  I love my Queen City, but when it comes to music, it can be so behind the times. *insert dramatic sigh*  And shit fire, I live in an apartment and can’t even offer to host something.  *more dramatic sighing*

I’m not kidding you, later the same day, my insane band crush The Rouge posted a video of them playing a Sofar Sounds show in Nashville.  SERIOUSLY?  Now I want to be part of this inner Sofar Sounds circle even more…

Check out The Rouge performing “Medication”… and “Handcuffs” …  then tell me you don’t want to be at this party, too?

More The Rouge:  Web | Facebook | Twitter

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