New Music Giveaway: Paperhouse, Burn the Room – NOW CLOSED

Burn the Room

New Nashville duo Paperhouse drops their first EP on Tuesday, April 1… and it’s gonna leave you in need of a cold shower! Your chance to win a copy here….

Ever listen to a new band and just say, “Day-um?”  Well, if not, now’s your chance to win some new music from one that I think is going to make some waves.  Let me re-introduce you to Paperhouse.

The very first time I heard Paperhouse, I was blown away. This new modern country duo out of Nashville is nothing short of SMOKING HOT. Sultry songstress Megan Conner and lyrically gifted guitarist Shane Hines have teamed up to give Nashville a little shake, and the result is downright golden.

On Tuesday, the pair is releasing their first EP, Burn the Room, and I have a feeling they are going to turn a few heads with it.  Five songs that will go straight to your blood…beginning with the addictive “Cannonball,” a rocker about putting up (and letting down) walls for the right person.  The title track is a fiery bedroom song that’s sure to be the soundtrack to a few babymaking sessions this summer (not for me, kids!).  And just when you feel like you might need a shower, they slow it down for “Before the After.”  My favorite track on the album is probably “Waking Up Ghosts,” a darker rhythmic number (there’s clapping) with a killer chorus.  The EP closes with the haunting “Sky Red”…. and completely leaves me wanting more.

I’ve been a fan of Shane’s for a really long time, and I love all his previous work.  But when I heard this EP, I couldn’t help but think that he’d found his sweet spot.  These two were MADE to sing together.

Shane was nice enough to send me an extra copy of the EP … So, I’m going to pay it forward.  Leave a comment on this post or email me by 11:59 PM on Monday night and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win this delightful little piece of ear candy (I pay postage, unless you live in Siberia….).  I’ll announce the winner here on Tuesday.

AND… If you just can’t wait, check iTunes first thing on Tuesday morning and download a copy of Burn the Room! (Grab it here).  Also, if you’re lucky enough to be in Nashville, Paperhouse will be having an EP Release show on Monday, April 7 at The Basement.

Happy winning…

UPDATE:  Congrats to Alison Robinson who won the Paperhouse EP!  Thanks to everyone who entered….

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Sofar Sounds and The Rouge

Earlier this week, fellow music lover and Twitter junkie Mike told me about Sofar Sounds after attending an event this weekend in Atlanta.  Taking house concerts to a new level, this concept is so freaking cool.  Get music lovers to sign up / host house concerts of up and coming bands in their city.  Make it invite only.  Keep it secret who is playing until the guests arrive.

I want in.

I immediately go to their website to check it out…and it’s started up in about 2 dozen cities around the world, but of course, nothing in Charlotte.  I love my Queen City, but when it comes to music, it can be so behind the times. *insert dramatic sigh*  And shit fire, I live in an apartment and can’t even offer to host something.  *more dramatic sighing*

I’m not kidding you, later the same day, my insane band crush The Rouge posted a video of them playing a Sofar Sounds show in Nashville.  SERIOUSLY?  Now I want to be part of this inner Sofar Sounds circle even more…

Check out The Rouge performing “Medication”… and “Handcuffs” …  then tell me you don’t want to be at this party, too?

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Something New: Paperhouse

Shane Hines and Megan Conner are Nashville's newest duo, Paperhouse.

Shane Hines and Megan Conner are Nashville’s newest duo, Paperhouse.

Chasing around unknown bands and artists for years has allowed me to meet some really incredible musicians, and in a few cases, call them friends.  One of those people is Shane Hines, a songwriter originally from the Washington, D.C. area, now living in Nashville.  As a writer, Shane is one of the most honest that there is.

A few years ago, Shane moved to Nashville and is really finding his stride there, nurtured by a community of songwriters and kindred musical souls.  More recently, he’s teamed up with Megan Conner, a smoky-voiced country sweetheart, to form a new duo called PaperHouse.

I know, I know.  Duos are the “it” thing right now and everyone seems to be doing it for the sake of doing it.  But, some people are just born to write and sing together, and sometimes the stars align to make it happen.  That is very much the case with Paperhouse.  One listen to their desire-driven, hard-driving rocker of a first single, “Cannonball,” and you’ll agree that the band name is a bit of a misnomer.  This musical house is as sturdy as they come.

Keep your eyes on this pair, gang.  I have a gut feeling about them.

More PaperHouse:  Web | Facebook | Soundcloud

Red Hot Alert: My New Band Crush, The Rouge

The Rouge at the Double Door - September 1, 2012

Nashville-based band The Rouge set my musical heart on fire on Saturday night. I’m still a little at a loss for words to describe it.

I listen to and like a lot of different music.  And recorded music is great, but the magic…the magic, for me, lives in the live performance.  Every once in awhile, I see a band live for the first time and it’s like having an encounter with your crush – you get butterflies and you feel that unmistakable magnetism of connection.  Sometimes, you go into a show expecting it or hoping for it to happen.  And sometimes, it takes you unaware, hitting you in your ears and heart hard enough to make you dizzy.

On Saturday night, I got completely gobsmacked when I went to see The Rouge from Nashville, TN (by way of Denver, CO).  This is not an exaggeration – I walked out of The Double Door weak in the knees.

I first got introduced to this band in early 2010 when my dearest Christopher Jak produced a track for them at The Blasting Room.  As with anything that Jak touches, I check it out because the dude has impeccable musical taste.  With a sound that is distinctly modern rock, heavy on the keys and with a great raw vocal, I liked them enough to put them on my Spring 2010 mix.  I listened to the EP occasionally here and there.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that they were playing a gig in Charlotte.  “Cool,” I thought.  “I’ll go check them out.”

So I went.  By myself.  And got there way too early.  So I sat and watched a college football game with the bartenders.  At one point, the lead singer and drummer from The Rouge bellied up to the bar next to me and I asked them if they would play my favorite song of theirs, “Six Shooter.”  Since this might be the first time they’ve ever played in Charlotte, they seemed genuinely surprised that someone was there to see them and actually knew their songs.  Josh, the lead singer who was incredibly gracious, chatted with me for a bit, gave me a  handwritten, burned copy of some new songs.  Two thumbs up, I thought, nice guys.

They’re a lean four piece that’s seen some lineup changes since I first heard them – guitar player Steve doubling as keyboardist, Nick on drums, Jack (the only member I didn’t meet) on bass, and of course Josh singing and playing guitar.

They climbed on stage quietly, amidst a crowd that had slowly filtered in – most of them didn’t know the band, several were there to see the openers. Josh stepped on stage last with just an acoustic guitar.  When the music started and the four of them were playing together, it was instantaneous – I knew right away that this was going to put to shame the recorded music I’d heard of theirs up until now.

And after one song, the crowd was paying attention.

They played mostly new songs…I was totally caught up in it.  Seriously, I don’t think I saw or heard a single thing happening in the room for the next 45 minutes.  Josh’s voice has a powerful depth and emotion live, and he and Steve perfectly play off one another.  Jack and Nick work together to form this incredible backbone.  It was just good, solid rock n’ roll music, complete with really strong songwriting.  Their connection with the intimate crowd was electric, and by the end of the show, other people in the room were buzzing about them.  The chemistry was right – with them, with the audience, the venue, everything.

Sometimes I get a little bummed that I go to so many shows on my own, but sometimes, being alone at a show makes the experience so much more intense, and that was definitely the case with The Rouge. I’m such a huge dork that I took a poster that one of the bar staff was taking down off the wall. Like someone saving a wine cork from a great first date, I just wanted to have a souvenir from the night, something to remember the show by.

Yup, it’s official.  New band crush in full effect.

I looked around for videos of them playing my new favorite of theirs, “Sleepwalking,” but the only video I could find was with some of the older band lineup when they were still living in Denver (it’s a killer song, and a video recorded in a tiny little bedroom – so worth watching).  They do have a rather eerie video of Josh and Steve performing their song “Cocaine Hero” acoustic from a few weeks ago…So I’m posting that, but go check out their Facebook page for some others.

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