Earworm of the Week: Deaf Havana – “Everybody’s Dancing and I Want to Die”

I do love the poppy sing-along, kids.

And this week’s Earworm is just that. Unfortunately, I’m late, late, late on this bus.

Say hello to Deaf Havana, a sextet from the East coast of England that have apparently been making music together since 2005 – where have I been?  With lots of guitars and loads of windows-down, open lungs, get stuck-in-your-head lyrics, it’s pretty easy to see why they have almost 135,000 likes on Facebook.  (Don’t let the super polished sound fool you, these kids look the rock n’ roll part with leather jackets and loads of tats…love it!)

Their latest album (there are several, so I have some catching up to do), Old Souls, was released in the U.S. this week on Razor & Tie.  Their PR Juggernauts are pushing the singles “Mildred, Lost a Friend” and “Boston Square” (which is free on Amazon right now and was released as the iTunes Single of the Week in Canada this week), but I am crushing on “Everybody’s Dancing and I Want to Die.”  So, without further adieu… your new Earworm.

P.S.  They’re currently on a limited North American tour.  Of course, they aren’t coming to Charlotte…or anywhere near it, for that matter.  But, if you live in a major U.S. city, you might be able to catch them!

More Deaf Havana: Web | Facebook | Twitter | Old Souls on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

1 thought on “Earworm of the Week: Deaf Havana – “Everybody’s Dancing and I Want to Die”

  1. Love these guys. I’m actually seeing them at Mercury Lounge in New York on the 13th, I have a feeling it’s gonna be a great show.

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