Something New: Grizfolk

Long overdue on a lot of posts, including a Rock Boat recap and a review of the new Mighty Oaks album, Howl.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Coming soon, I promise.

But for now… I may have mentioned to a few of you that I’ve kind of got a thing right now for little keyboard-sythpop action.  So when Justin Hopkins posted about a new band to check out… Grizfolk fell right in line with what I’m craving…and more.  It’s sort of this hybrid synthpop-acoustic-folky sound. Great lyrics. I’m TOTALLY digging it.

Hailing from Venice, California, the quintet just dropped their debut EP, From the Spark (iTunes | Amazon) , on February 25th. The lead single, “The Struggle,” is a total earworm, but pick up the 4-song EP is for just $2.76 and get the REAL gem, “Waiting for You.”  Obsessed.  Watch their performance of this beaut during their Jam in the Van session below.

The band just wrapped up an opening gig for ZZ Ward in the U.S. and is now off to Europe for a bit.  So bummed that I missed them in Charlotte….

More Grizfolk: Web | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

1 thought on “Something New: Grizfolk

  1. I´ve seen GRIZFOLK in Germany, Bremen. What a great live performance! I had no idea and expeceted nothing, but they got me with the first notes and an unbelievable great drummer – it was mind-blowing ! I loved to see how much fun they had being on stage and performing their songs. Much better than BASTILLE afterwards…. Sadly they had to cancel their tour at UK, I would have gone that far to see them again !

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