The Sunday Funday Playlist – September 18, 2011

Sorry this is late going up.  Seattle got the best of me.  Might be a day (or two) late, but I guarantee you…it’s not a dollar short!  Some great stuff this week! 🙂

1.  The Young Sons – Saints of Valory
Is this really a surprise that a new song from the boys is on my Sunday Funday playlist?  I think not.  Unfortunately, the boys haven’t loaded it to SoundCloud yet, so you’ll have to go over to PureVolume to download it for free.

2.  Tattoo Girl – The Hundred Days
Shelia Taylor is actually a rock n’ roll goddess.  She turned me onto this little San Francisco band a few months ago, and gave me their CD, Really?, last week.  Not gonna lie, it took me a couple of days to get past track 2 – this song – because it’s so phenomenally catchy and make-you-want-to-dance-in-your-office-chair-fix-a-bad-day awesome.  This live from SXSW version is the only one I can find online…but it should give you a good idea of how infectious it is!

3.  Ben Rector – Song for the Suburbs

The Nashville contingent, as I like to call them, is cranking out tunes faster than I can buy them these days.  Barnes, Wertz, Moakler, and the whole Ten out of Tenn crew…. and then there’s this kid.  I will make room in my wallet for Ben Rector any day.  His new album, Something Like This, came out this week.  This track (strangely, also #2) had me at hello.  Insightful and gorgeous.

4.  If My Heart Could Speak – Morrison Boomer

I saw these kids play at Pike Place Market in Seattle.  They were out busking like a million other musicians there…they were playing in a stairwell and the sound carried up.  I heard them before I saw them and dragged my Mom over to a balcony to watch them play for a few minutes.  We went on our merry little way, but I couldn’t get their sound out of my head – fresh, pure and absolutely GORGEOUS harmonies.  So we went back to find them and alas…they were gone.  I was so bummed, but at least I’d remembered their name.  Just as I was thinking, “Well, I’ll google them,” there they were!  They’d moved and were playing in a different space.  So I bought a few CDs and left Seattle happy that I’d found a new band to love.  This is a track off their little album Down the Hatch, which after two listens through on the plane, I may just be in love with.  Go check them out:  If you dig what you hear, you can pick up their record on iTunes.

5.  Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) – Matthew Mayfield

Seriously, how could you not love this man’s voice?  One listen to this…and you’ll know that this song was made for him to sing.

The Sunday Funday Playlist – September 11, 2011

Posting the Sunday Funday Playlist a little early this week!  Football starts in t-minus two hours, and there’s a possibility of a few beers happening, so I wanted to ensure I got this out to you without Guinness flavoring. 🙂 GO PANTHERS!

1. Pink Champagne – Lovedrug

The boys from Ohio make their second appearance on a Sunday Funday playlist with their brand new single, “Pink Champagne.”  We already know that I’m a little addicted to the sound of Michael’s voice, but this song just makes me long for big, 90s arena rock.  You can download this, along with it’s twin single release “Dinosaur,” here.

2. Human Heart – Carey Ott
I wish I could find this one somewhere to embed it here, but alas, I cannot – so nip over to Amazon to listen to it.  I am a total sucker for TV shows where friends who are OBVIOUSLY meant to be together yet spend forever fighting it.  That’s just one of the reasons that USA’s Necessary Roughness has become one of my new favorite shows.  So when Matt and Dani got together this week, finally, I was thrilled…and this is the song that was playing.  Color me sappy.

3. I Like the Ones – Austin Gibbs

One of my Twitter peeps (wish I remember who!) tweeted a video for a clothing company this week.  I inadvertently clicked on the link and this song was playing in the background.  Um, hello clapping!  I immediately downloaded it and have been bopping my head to it all week.  Such an infectious little ditty!  Wish I’d had this one before the Fall Mix was finished…it would have been a great add!

4.  Black Sky – Alpha Rev
My love for Alpha Rev is pretty well-covered territory.  They just finished recording a new EP, which was done the way records used to be done – the band all sitting in one room, recording together. They released the first song from these recording sessions for free download this week – “Black Sky” (get it here).  It’s AMAZING. It’s not available on SoundCloud just yet, but here’s a video from when the boys were recording that will give you a little taste.

5.  I Was Young – Gossling
BalconyTV strikes again.  Gossling, hailing from Down Under, caught my attention immediately with her child-like voice.  Not all of her stuff appeals to me, but this song, with it’s bad-guy Western theme, has been on constant repeat this week.  I’m so digging it.  Hope you do, too.

The Sunday Funday Playlist – August 28, 2011

What a week!  At work, I’m going Mach 10 with my hair on fire, but still managed to catch a few great live music shows this week, meet up with friends for drinks, hang with my favorite fellow music blogger for an evening, and get my house somewhat clean for company coming in this week and next.  On top of all of that, I managed to pick up a couple of new musical selections to share with y’all this week.  Dig in!

1.  Anchor – Bess Rogers

Oh my.  For a girl who loves clapping and alternate percussion in her music, this song is a feast of wonderfulness.  Bess is a witty songwriter who I’ve taken a shine to over the past couple months, but this song puts her at a whole new level in my world.  It’s true that when it comes to music, I have an addictive personality, but this song will get even the most staid-non-music lover smiling.

2.  Behold the Hurricane – The Horrible Crowes

I’ve professed my love for Gaslight Anthem before, so it should come as no surprise that The Horrible Crowes are on my list of “must investigates.”  The side project of lead singer Brian Fallon, it’s definitely right up my alley.  A little less punk, a little more rock sensibility.  The full length album will be out next week, but you can get the single now.  Check ’em out on Facebook.

3.  Night Parade – Quiet Hounds

If you haven’t read my review of this Atlanta band’s EP yet, please do – and then go download it for free right now before they realize it’s too good to be free.  I’ve spent the latter part of the week mildly addicted to their music – thank you, Radio Potato, for that.  This is currently my favorite track from the EP, but it’s likely to change soon because every single track is amazing.

4. Here Comes the Rain Again (Eurythmics Cover) – Coury Palermo

I am a sucker for anything 80s.  Seriously the greatest decade of music EVER.  So when this Nashville artists posted a cover of the Eurythmics classic “Here Comes the Rain” on NoiseTrade, I was all over downloading it.  And I love it!  It’s creepy and dark and does the original justice – without sounding the exact same. Pick up Coury’s sampler on NoiseTrade here.

5. Kill It Cut It Down – Parachute Musical

I’ve been a busy girl this week with reviews…also reviewed Parachute Musical’s new one, Kill It Cut It Down.  The title track has stuck in my head to the point where I find myself humming “Kill it cut it down, kill it cut it down.”  And while they don’t have anything posted to SoundCloud, someone was nice enough to post a video of them performing it live on YouTube.  And this way, you get the full effect of how amazing Josh is on the piano!

The Sunday Funday Playlist – August 21, 2011

1.  Atlas Hands – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

My British singer-songwriter obsession continues this week.  Heard this song in the background of a Royal Pains episode and had to have it.  It’s like a grown-up lullabye; I’m in love with BFL’s soft-spun, raspy vocals.

2.  Down Down Down – Charlie Simpson

I’d like to thank PledgeMusic for turning me onto this British singer-songwriter (see, it’s a trend).  I do love alternate percussion and rhythm in a song, so the soft snaps early in this song totally appeal to me – add in some strings, wide-open vocals, and the building symphony and you’ve got an instant fan in me.  Even though you can’t buy his full-length album Young Pilgrim yet here in the States, you can pick up this track and two others on the Down Down Down EP for free on his website.

3.  The Storm & The Eye – Matrimony

I can’t get enough lately of Charlotte’s own Matrimony, a husband and wife duo (and fabulous band) who are making their second appearance on the Sunday Funday playlist.  I saw one half of Matrimony, Jimmy and some of the band plus and incredible fiddle player, do a somewhat impromptu opening set for Andy Zipf this week.  It was a stunning little set performed on the outdoor patio at Common Market, with weather to match, and I have been listening to their music incessantly all week.  This song is probably my favorite off their EP of the same name. The Irish jiggish fiddle at the end wins me over every time.  The band just announced they’ll be going on tour this fall in support of Langhorne Slim.  Get out to see them if you can.

4.  The Rebel Lovers – The Well Reds

Big excitement in Krissie world this week – getting to see The Well Reds live!  My friend Dru first turned me onto this band earlier this year, and their Violet EP has earned a top spot in my “most played” for 2011.  Anytime you combine driving guitars and keys, you’ve got a winner in my book.  Cannot wait to see them live on Thursday! “The Rebel Lovers” is my fave track of the EP.

5.  Good Enough – Honor By August

Honor By August rocketed into my world back in 2006 when I reviewed their album Drowning Out the Television for Alternative Addiction and they’ve been a big part ever since.  I will never get over the thrill I get seeing them play live.  Whether they are stripped down acoustic or completely rocking out, I never leave one of their shows without a huge smile on my face.  Last night at The Evening Muse was no exception… and this song is a HUGE reason why.  The first time I ever saw them play it (at some little bar/wing place in Columbia, SC), I remember telling Evan afterward that the guitar solo was ridiculous.  And it remains ridiculous.  Last night, he played it with A BROKEN HAND.  So, for putting on a big ass rock show last night, the boys get the final spot in this week’s Sunday Funday Playlist.  They’re back in Charlotte at the Double Door on Sunday, October 23 with The Alternate Routes.  Don’t miss it.

The Sunday Funday Playlist – August 14, 2011

Quiet week for the JrzyGyrl.  Lots of work.  Makes for loads of listening time.

1.  Home – The Wealthy West

A side project of Brandon Kinder from The Rocketboys, another Austin, TX band, The Wealthy West is right up my singer-songwriter power alley.  Where The Rocketboys are full-band rock n’ roll with a little reminiscent of Coldplay, The Wealthy West is more toned down – really sparse arrangements (although not all acoustic – check out the organ on “Another Bad Idea”), contemplative lyrics and perfect little melodies.  Brandon’s voice is a bit chameleonesque – reminds me of Greg Laswell every once in awhile.  This little self-titled 5-song EP won my heart this week and got some serious action.  “Home” is my favorite track; seriously, how can you not love acoustic guitar, harmonica and banjo?

2.  Demons – Marcus Foster

Props for this one go to Music for Those Who Listen.  In the same post that gave me Ben Howard last week, he also turned me onto Marcus Foster, a soul-filled folky singer from the UK….think Brit version of Ray LaMontagne, minus the angsty depression.  Really loving his Tumble Down EP (despite the fact that I can’t buy it in the U.S. and am forced to listen to it on SoundCloud) especially this track, which has been the perfect accompaniment to my mood this week.

3. Anybody – The Soldier Thread

I was turned onto Austin, TX’s The Soldier Thread a few years ago by Stephen, who was a member of Alpha Rev’s management and promotions team at the time.  Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with them, especially after seeing their acoustic act live a few months ago.  Patricia Lynn’s voice is pure freaking gold.  They put this song up for free download a few weeks back, and it has been getting lots of play – I love that this song, and their song “Matador” are serious empowerment songs. This week, “Anybody” shot to the top of my playlists. Not only did they put up a video of Patricia and Justin doing an acoustic version which is absolutely beautiful, but it also became my new favorite song to run to as it closed out my new running mix.  Download the song for free by clicking on the download arrow above or visiting their Facebook page.

4. When I Get My Wings – Will Hoge

With work ruling my life this week, I find myself desperately looking forward to my long beach weekend escape with seven of my closest friends in nineteen very long days.  Of course, the impetus behind the trip is a two-night stand at The Windjammer by none other than Mr. Will Hoge.  If you know me, my anticipation for his new record, Number Seven, is not at all surprising.  If you don’t know me…well, suffice it to say that Will is one of my Top Five artists of all time, and my absolute favorite artist to see live.  This will be the first single off the new album, and although you can only get it streaming right now, it has still gotten significant play from me.   Check out snippets off the new record at, listen to an interview that Alternative Addiction did with Will about the new record here, and read the story behind this song over at American Songwriter.

5. Take in the Sunlight – The Kin
My favorite Australian duo is back!  I feel so lucky to have seen these guys perform live on several occasions on The Rock Boat; there’s definitely a magic that siblings who perform together have that no one else can match, and these brothers are simply profound. Harmonically, they are sheer perfection together. The guys did a song for a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” about a man’s quest to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle; “Take in the Sunlight” is the “theme” for the documentary, and I gotta tell you, it is an inspiring song.  So much so that it made it to my running mix, even though it’s not really an uptempo song.  They released it as part of EP with a few older songs (“Diamonds,” “Waking Up Shining,” “One Thing”) Unfortunately, the track can’t be found anywhere on SoundCloud, so I can’t put in a clip.  However, someone was nice enough to record them singing it at the opening of the film…and it’s almost better because you can really get a feel for the incredible intensity The Kin has live.  Thanks to BigCityVegan for sharing the clip on YouTube.