The 2015 Spring Mix (Otherwise Known As I’m Ashamed of Myself)

Has it seriously been more than four months since I made a blog post? A third of a year? Yes. I’m ashamed of myself… I’m busy as hell with the new job (did I mention I got a promotion?), but that’s no excuse for going MONTHS without posting.

Ugh. I’m tired. you guys. I need some down time.

The good news is, I have a new Mix for you. It’s longer than usual…since I have gone all digital, I decided to hell with length, and just did whatever felt right. This feels right. 27 songs – 3 of which are not available on Spotify (but you can probably find a bonus if you look hard enough). You can get the liner notes here. The best notes I’ve written in awhile, I think – because I didn’t have to limit myself to two pages!

So have a listen. Do me a favor and follow the playlist on Spotify. Trying to figure out how many listeners I’ve lost since going to Spotify. And as always, let me know what you think – what your favorites are, what you don’t like, etc. That’s my favorite part.

As always, please support these artists. I’ve included links to their web pages in my notes. Buy their music. Go see a live show. Buy some merch. Invest in vinyl. You know the drill.

Smooches. Love you all.

See ‘Em Live: Dead Sara

I’m very lucky to have some just-as-obsessed-as-I-am music fans in my life.  When two of them who don’t know each other start talking about a band, I tend to listen.  So about three weeks ago when my friend Dru, who was one of the founders of Alternative Addiction, and my bestie/roomie/partner-in-crime and radio goddess Shelia both mentioned that they were loving the new Dead Sara record within days of each other…I had to check it out.

Dead Sara came to town last night and played The Fillmore opening for The Used … and all I can say is WHOA.

Let me repeat:  WHOA.

I tend not to be a fan of female vocalists in general, but I had the same instant reaction to lead singer Emily Armstrong’s voice that I did when I first heard Grace Potter.  Smoky, gritty, and holy POWERHOUSE Batman. There is no denying that this is a voice that needs – demands – to be heard.  And man, is there anything better than seeing a singer on stage that is obviously feeling every word and note that he or she is singing? This is not soul music, but it was one of the most soulful performances I have seen in a long time. The band was on, and just as into it as she was, and the show crescendoed into a finale banshee-wail song, complete with buzzing, over-amped guitars and a kicked over drum set.  It was a singularly fantastic rock n’ roll show.  Period.

If they come to your town, you MUST go see them.  But don’t take my word for it…let the video below speak for itself.

More Dead Sara:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Debut album on iTunes and Amazon