The 2015 Spring Mix (Otherwise Known As I’m Ashamed of Myself)

Has it seriously been more than four months since I made a blog post? A third of a year? Yes. I’m ashamed of myself… I’m busy as hell with the new job (did I mention I got a promotion?), but that’s no excuse for going MONTHS without posting.

Ugh. I’m tired. you guys. I need some down time.

The good news is, I have a new Mix for you. It’s longer than usual…since I have gone all digital, I decided to hell with length, and just did whatever felt right. This feels right. 27 songs – 3 of which are not available on Spotify (but you can probably find a bonus if you look hard enough). You can get the liner notes here. The best notes I’ve written in awhile, I think – because I didn’t have to limit myself to two pages!

So have a listen. Do me a favor and follow the playlist on Spotify. Trying to figure out how many listeners I’ve lost since going to Spotify. And as always, let me know what you think – what your favorites are, what you don’t like, etc. That’s my favorite part.

As always, please support these artists. I’ve included links to their web pages in my notes. Buy their music. Go see a live show. Buy some merch. Invest in vinyl. You know the drill.

Smooches. Love you all.

The New Music Drought Is Over

Is it just me, or is spring in the air?

I’m sitting in New Jersey right now, looking outside at a beautiful sunny day, and the weather folks are promising temperatures in the 50s today. Winter is definitely in the rearview mirror…And I could not be happier!  Bring on sunshine!  Bring on 80 degrees!

Meteorologists are the only one with bright forecasts these days.  Seems like there’s beaucoup de new music on the horizon in my world.  Lots of my old and new favorites are putting out new music this spring.  Because I love ’em, I’m just going to make a short list here of the new music that’s come out recently or that IS coming out soon… So go pre-order and get your hands on some hot new stuff for spring!

Download Now: Civil Twilight, “Fire Escape”

Brooding rock single "Fire Escape," off Civil Twilight's forthcoming album, is now available on their website.

South African rocker trio Civil Twilight’s been in the studio working on a new album, set to release on March 13.  The first single from the album, “Fire Escape,” dropped today and is available for download on their website (as of January 31, the single is also available on iTunes and Amazon).

If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to or seeing these fellas live, you gotta make it a priority.  They were an easy sell for me after seeing them perform live for the first time last year…Dark-tinged, moody rock, full of addictive bass lines, really sharp writing and killer vocals.  They have not gotten enough exposure in the U.S., as far as I’m concerned…

If the new single is any indication of what’s to come on the album, I think fans are going to be happy.  It’s a little more up tempo than some of their songs off their debut album released in 2010 (which, it should be noted, is only $5 at Amazon this month), but retains their stylistic haunting sound.   Definitely worth dropping a buck on!

More Civil Twilight:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Debut Album on iTunes | Debut Album on Amazon