The New Music Drought Is Over

Is it just me, or is spring in the air?

I’m sitting in New Jersey right now, looking outside at a beautiful sunny day, and the weather folks are promising temperatures in the 50s today. Winter is definitely in the rearview mirror…And I could not be happier!  Bring on sunshine!  Bring on 80 degrees!

Meteorologists are the only one with bright forecasts these days.  Seems like there’s beaucoup de new music on the horizon in my world.  Lots of my old and new favorites are putting out new music this spring.  Because I love ’em, I’m just going to make a short list here of the new music that’s come out recently or that IS coming out soon… So go pre-order and get your hands on some hot new stuff for spring!

The Sunday Funday Playlist – January 29, 2012

2012 is off to a tremendous start with lots of new music being released and/or announced.  This week’s Sunday Funday playlist features new stuff from some old favorites…and one track from a new band that is soon to be a favorite.  Happy Sunday!

1.  “Over It” – Son of a Bad Man
It’s no secret how much I adore this little Jacksonville band.  Their new album Here’s to the Falling In came out this week, and I’ve been completely obsessive about it.  This song has gotten a redonculous number of plays.  It’s upbeat and fun and I just love it.  Unfortunately, it’s not on SoundCloud, so you’ll have to go over to iTunes to play the sample.

2. “Set My Heart” – Sons & Lovers

See the Friday Awesomeness from this week for the story on this one.

3. “Heart of Me” – Green River Ordinance
Another one of my favorite little pop-rock bands has a new album coming out in a couple of weeks.  The GRO boys released the first single from their forthcoming album Under Fire for free download.  Again, not on SoundCloud, but you can go pick it up here.  It’s everything happy and wonderful I expect from these five sweethearts!

4. “Pretty Bones” – The Soldier Thread

New EP coming this week from one of my Austin favorites… My appetite for their music is insatiable.  Can’t wait for it to arrive in my mailbox!

5.  “Feather on the Clyde” – Passenger

There’s so much new music coming out in the next six weeks that I am over the moon.  One of the new albums I’m looking forward to most is All the Little Lights from Passenger (pre-order it here).  Christy turned me onto this Brit’s music a few years ago and I have been obsessive ever since.  This will be one of the tracks…Mike’s voice is just so gorgeous.  Puts my restless soul at ease right now.

First Listen: Son of a Bad Man New Album

A little hint of what's to come on Son of a Bad Man's new album: wickedly delicious pop.

On the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2011, Jacksonville, FL southern pop-rock band Son of a Bad Man headed into the studio to record a new album.  Here’s to the Falling In will make its debut to big fanfare in a two-night CD release party in the band’s hometown venue, Jackrabbit’s, on January 27 and 28, an event that promises to be stuffed with Son of a Bad Man’s trademark high-energy performance and enthusiasm.

Son of a Bad Man and Kings of A&R are now streaming two songs from Here’s to the Falling In, and I gotta tell you, they are even better than I was expecting.  If this is an indication of what’s to come on the new album, we’re in for a treat: great production, sassy guitar riffs, snappy drumming, and lead singer Shawn Fisher’s unique combination of melodic songwriter voice and all-out-rocker caterwaul. The surprising “Miracle Jet” is a delirious summer love song, rich with keys and pop sentimentality. “Love Like Mine,” featuring fellow pop-rockers Runner Runner, is a playful use of 20-something male swagger and boasting (and, I’m pretty sure, inspired by real life relationships of the band members).  Drummer Brad Moxey definitely gets to showcase his chops on this one!

Take a listen to the new stuff, posted to the band’s SoundCloud page this morning, and get fired up for this record.  It’s sure to be an earworm-inducing maelstrom of pop-rock delight!

Miracle Jet

Love Like Mine (featuring Runner Runner)

More Son of a Bad Man:  Website | Facebook | Twitter