Next Big Thing: Sons and Lovers

Sons and Lovers is a relatively new British band making HUGE sounds – I am loving everything they are putting out. The band is almost as mysterious as my beloved Quiet Hounds… not a whole lot of information about them floating around out there! But mysterious or no, their music has captured my attention. With a driving synth-driven rock pulse, their first single, “Set My Heart” lit up my ears the first time I heard it. Their new single, “Golden” is even better… so much promise from these fellas! Check out the new video and download the song for free on their Facebook page.

More Sons and Lovers: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

The Sunday Funday Playlist – January 29, 2012

2012 is off to a tremendous start with lots of new music being released and/or announced.  This week’s Sunday Funday playlist features new stuff from some old favorites…and one track from a new band that is soon to be a favorite.  Happy Sunday!

1.  “Over It” – Son of a Bad Man
It’s no secret how much I adore this little Jacksonville band.  Their new album Here’s to the Falling In came out this week, and I’ve been completely obsessive about it.  This song has gotten a redonculous number of plays.  It’s upbeat and fun and I just love it.  Unfortunately, it’s not on SoundCloud, so you’ll have to go over to iTunes to play the sample.

2. “Set My Heart” – Sons & Lovers

See the Friday Awesomeness from this week for the story on this one.

3. “Heart of Me” – Green River Ordinance
Another one of my favorite little pop-rock bands has a new album coming out in a couple of weeks.  The GRO boys released the first single from their forthcoming album Under Fire for free download.  Again, not on SoundCloud, but you can go pick it up here.  It’s everything happy and wonderful I expect from these five sweethearts!

4. “Pretty Bones” – The Soldier Thread

New EP coming this week from one of my Austin favorites… My appetite for their music is insatiable.  Can’t wait for it to arrive in my mailbox!

5.  “Feather on the Clyde” – Passenger

There’s so much new music coming out in the next six weeks that I am over the moon.  One of the new albums I’m looking forward to most is All the Little Lights from Passenger (pre-order it here).  Christy turned me onto this Brit’s music a few years ago and I have been obsessive ever since.  This will be one of the tracks…Mike’s voice is just so gorgeous.  Puts my restless soul at ease right now.

Friday Awesomeness: Sons & Lovers “Set My Heart”

In the “new bands that excite me” category, I was introduced to Sons & Lovers, a little UK upstart, by the ever-on-target Andy Knox over at musicforthosewholisten.  Information on Sons & Lovers is a little hard to find… they’ve got a Twitter and a Facebook, but no website to speak of.  Their Facebook seems to hint at the fact that they are in the studio… And you can bet I’m going to be waiting with bated breath for some more music from them!

Can’t get enough of this song right now – that guitar just gets in my head and I want to keep playing it over and over.  Go pick it up for free over at Neon Gold Beat Company.

More Sons & Lovers:  Facebook | Twitter