New Free Music from Christopher Jak

If I must repeat again how much I adore Christopher Jak’s music, I totally will.

Jak is in my Top 5 artists of all time…and has written my favorite line, in any song, ever. He is an incredible, intuitive writer, and has a voice that will melt your heart like it’s made of butter. Seriously, LOVE THIS MAN’S MUSIC.

That’s why you should all go download The Folk EP, his latest release, FOR FREE. Go. Right now. It won’t be free forever and you really need to start listening to it immediately.

Christopher Jak - The Folk EP
(I mean, seriously, you have to love an artist with a sense of humor…who tags their own music “sad bastard music”? … hilarious!)

Then, once you’ve fallen in love with him, go buy all his other music…start with The Leadfoot Lover EP, which came out last fall, then get the stunning masterpiece that is The New Nostalgia (the song “Something” is probably my all time favorite song – because it’s so honest and bold and smart), and then the brilliant Applause of the Rain.

Christopher Jak’s music will make your life better. I promise.

(Stay tuned for the “After 7 years of being a fan, Krissie finally meets Jak and sees him live” post that will follow next month….I’m sure there will be video!)