Earworm of the Week: Night Riots, “Remedy”

Been a busy week, but I couldn’t leave ya’ll without a new earworm to kick off your weekend.  The lust for guitar-driven rock continues this week…

This week’s Earworm comes from the California-based Night Riots. Stumbled upon them while watching Saints of Valory on AXS TV‘s YouTube channel, and was instantly hooked by their insanely catchy tune “Remedy.”  The Brit-rock influenced vocal tugs at my heart strings, what can I say? Turns out, the lead singer, Travis Hawley, spent some time in the UK growing up… definitely hear that.

If you dig this track, you can get it for free by signing up for their mailing list. However, be sure to grab their EP, Young Lore. It was fan-funded, which speaks volumes to me about the band.  Plus, they’ve got some really great young writing chops – “Masks” is brilliant (“Does holy water leave you pure of heart? Change your ways.” F-me, that’s awesome), “Loyal Blood” is pretty much my new favorite thing right now…

The band was known as PK until earlier this year when they changed their name, so if you really, really dig what you hear…this is a necessity.

Now…what do I need to do to get them to tour on the East Coast?

More Night Riots:  Web | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Buy Young Lore EP:  iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp