Apparently, I’m magnetic…

…either that or I have some sort of force field around me that is messing up anything electronic, mechnical or digital that I touch. Evidence the facts….

1.  Three weeks ago, my brand new Instinct blew up.  Well, crashed.  Died.  Whatever.  Had to replace it.  Thankfully, no cost since it was brand new.

2.  Last week, my car decides to give up the ghost.   Currently driving rental until I can figure out what I’m going to buy.

3.  Today, went into work, answered some e-mail, did some work, went to meeting.  Computer went to sleep.  It did not wake up.  Hard drive crashed.  Lost a good six months worth of e-mail, as well as several projects I was in the middle of and some personal stuff.  And $20 worth of new music that I’d just bought on Tuesday. I spent the entire day reformatting my freakin’ computer – after spending two hours at the Apple store getting the hard drive replaced.

Now, I’m trying to play catch up at 8:30 at night, working.  I have to pack for the trip to Nashville for Craig and Jessica’s wedding yet.  I’m leaving early Saturday morning.  My roommate’s laundry is still in the washer, so I can’t do laundry…I loathe it when people leave stuff in the washer.

Really, can someone please just shoot me now?

Officially the worst three weeks of the year.

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