Starting Fresh

So, after a few years of blogging over at MySpace, I’ve decided that I needed to have a blog separate from the rest of my internet world again.  I miss the daily exercise of writing, whether or not anyone else reads it.  It’s cathartic and healthy for me.  When I think over the last two years – really, that’s how long it’s been since I made a concerted effort to blog on a daily basis – I realize there’s a hole that needs to be filled.  I’ll still post on occasion over on MySpace, when I have things I think need to be shared there, but for the mundane, every day thoughts, Word Press it is.

I’ll tell a few of you about this site, inevitably, because you ask why I don’t blog anymore.  Others of you will stumble across it and be peeved that I didn’t tell you.   Some of you, I probably don’t know at all.  Whatever the case, know that I’m not writing this for anyone but myself this time around.  I hope that doesn’t sound witchy, but the blogosphere has almost become a place where people go to be heard.  And while being heard has its positives, it also isn’t the end game of why I want to write.  I am writing to let loose the mundane daily gripes, the wild thoughts, the crazy dreams and the inner turmoils that swirl around my head.

It feels good to be a writer again.

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