Are we really that stupid?

It’s amazing the amount of political spam I’ve seen in the past week – via e-mail, on YouTube, comments on news sites.  I actually had a very intelligent person in my office e-mail me one of these spam things going around about Obama, because he knows I’m an Obama supporter, and ask if I knew if any of it was true. To be fair, I’ve seen ridiculous stuff about McCain, too.  Admittedly, I haven’t kept up with it as much as I have the Obama stuff…but I know it’s out there.

C’mon, people…are we REALLY stupid enough to believe some of this junk?  Some un-intelligent wack job is making up half of this stuff, and the other half is being perpetrated by people with such skewed political agendas that we shouldn’t take ANYTHING they say at face value.

Stop spamming.  Verify your facts before you forward an e-mail or make a comment about something.  To verify, use valid websites – the candidates’ campaign sites,, and

And don’t hold the actions of a few wackos against the candidates.  Crazy women who fake assaults at ATMS and carve letters into their cheeks don’t represent John McCain, just like two Black Panthers outside of a polling station in Philadelphia don’t represent Barack Obama.

It’s reading comments like the ones that I read from everyday Joe the not-plumbers that make me fearful for our country’s future even more so than the “wrong” candidate getting into office.

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