The 2017 Fall Winter Mix

Oh, hey there, folks. Happy merry holidays, everyone!

It’s been a hot second since I put out a Mix. This one’s been brewing for almost half a year now, so I guess it’s about time to put it out into the world. So here it is, my Christmas/Hannukah/Whatever-holiday-you-celebrate gift to you, my 2017 Fall Winter Mix.

Yeah, I’ve been a slacker and this one is a combination of two seasons. Sorry about that. It’s always hard to hit publish when it’s been so long since I started, but I hope that you’ll find a new artist to love among these 30 songs, anyway.

If you’re into reading my rambles about why I love these tracks, you can download my liner notes here.

I do love to hear from you guys if you fall in love with a particular track, or if a song leads you to discover a new band. Plus, who doesn’t love getting messages from friends (or, as has happened before, total strangers who are now amongst my dearest friends … *ahem, Libby and Fred*)? Either way, you know what to do.

Patrick Davis and Country Radio…Yes, You Heard Me Right…

Those of you that follow my musical obsessions know that one of my biggest is a tall, skinny fella from Camden, SC named Patrick Davis. My friend David Phillips introduced me to him about three years ago, and I’ve been all goggly-eyed about his music ever since. Personally, his writing reminds me a LOT of Springsteen…very story-teller esque…and his stage demeanor is so amazing, I just grin through all of his shows. He happens to be just a little country leaning, which is unusual for me, but nonetheless, falling in love with a music is no different than falling in love with a person….sometimes, you can’t explain who you fall for and why, but there’s something about the music that grabs your heart. And Patrick’s songs had me at hello….:)

But I digress.

About a two years ago, Patrick started playing a new song he wrote called “Where I’m From.” As soon as I heard it, I knew I was hearing something special. It’s a phenomenal song about embracing your roots and your hometown being very much a part of who you are.

Well, something special indeed the song is. As is the case with a lot of truly phenomenal writers…other singers hear their songs and want to record them. So Patrick let country singer Jason Michael Carroll record the song and it is now rocketing up the charts. You can get the Jason Michael Carroll single now on iTunes…and I highly encourage you to go pick it up, since it helps Patrick in a number of ways…

JMC’s version is WAY more country than Patrick’s original version. So, for you to see how brilliant the song was in its original version, here’s a little video I recorded of Patrick performing the song back in February of 2007…with his Daddy, Rusty, playing guitar with him.

Congratulations, Patrick! I’m so excited for you!!!!