What’s on Your Workout Playlist, Volume 4

My love-hate affair with working out is pretty well documented, and right now, I’m in a “hate but must do” phase.  I’ve been trying to get back to it in baby steps. Music is a must for me when trying to work up a sweat, so I spent some time over the weekend cultivating a new workout playlist. I have my old go-tos, of course, but I’m always looking for new music that gets my heart pumping – and from the search results I see on the ol’ web page stats, it seems like a lot of other folks are, too.

So, internet friends, I ask the question once more:  “What’s on your workout playlist?”

Some folks like hard, guitar-driven music while they work out, others like something with a good beat. Rap, rock, pop, dance – I’m a little all-over the place. Here’s what I’ve got so far on my latest workout playlist.

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Let me know what “new” song is a must have muscle-builder – leave a comment, shoot me an email, or hit me up on Twitter.

What’s on Your Workout Playlist? Volume 3

After a long hiatus in which my weight grew almost as fast as my music collection, I’m back to working out regularly again. We’re less than six months away from The Rock Boat, and I am determined to love myself in the pictures from this cruise! Thanks are due to my roommate and general partner in crime, Shelia, for giving me a swift kick in the ass and making a workout chart that keeps me accountable to me. And, since I’ve lost 5 pounds in my first two weeks, I’m feeling mightily inspired.  Which, of course, has led to the need for a new heart-thumping, booty-moving workout playlist.

My music buys as of late have been leaning toward the mellower side – not exactly what one needs when doing the impressive overhead press weight of 10 lbs (hey, don’t judge!).  So I’m turning to my loyal readers to help me bulk up (get it?) my rad new workout playlist. I’ll share mine if you share yours – what gets you fired up to get your work out on?

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons (iTunes | Amazon)
Won’t Stop – Midnight Youth (iTunes | Amazon)
Anybody (Featuring Zeale) – The Soldier Thread (iTunes | Amazon)
One More – Jimmy Cliff (iTunes | Amazon)
Kids – Saints of Valory (iTunes | Amazon)
Anarchy Fire – Lovedrug (Bandcamp)
Howl – The Gaslight Anthem (iTunes | Amazon)
We Are What You Say – Dead Sara (iTunes | Amazon)
Turntable – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals (iTunes | Amazon)
Tightrope – Walk the Moon (iTunes | Amazon)
Let’s Go – Calvin Harris (featuring Ne-Yo) (iTunes | Amazon)
Tattoo Girl – The Hundred Days (iTunes | Amazon)
Six Shooter – The Rouge (iTunes | Amazon)
The World Is Over – Red Wanting Blue (iTunes | Amazon)

Here’s to whipping my butt (and yours) back into shape!